Launching a new business? Need a fresh perspective?

Now is your time to get the inspiration, tools, and support you need to take a giant leap forward with your incredible startup idea.

You’ll learn practical skills to create a business plan, secure funding, and use effective marketing to accelerate profits. This is an intimate bootcamp with limited enrollment and one-on-one coaching to ensure each participant walks away with the necessary skills to succeed!



WHEN: April, 2018

9 am to 4pm (Daily)

WHERE: Canggu, Bali


LEAVE TRANSFORMED: You'll walk away with the necessary tools to quick-start their business with access to a supportive network of peers, entrepreneurs and mentors happy to help get you ramped up!



9 am: Break the ice and meet your new support partners.

Every person has some knowledge, tool, or wisdom that will help you succeed—let’s share and discover the wisdom each of us holds.

9:15 am: Intention Circle

Plant the seeds for what you want to manifest in these three days.

9:45-12:30 pm: The Foundation of Your Success

Create a rock-solid Business Plan to build confidence in your idea and to give you the easy-to-understand blueprint to follow.

As a successful serial entrepreneur, Steve Spiro believes the fundamental key to any successful business is having a good business plan. He will explain the importance of having one, how to tailor it to your business and how to properly design it to succeed. He will answer your questions and walk you through getting yours set up and ready to execute!

Brittnee Bond, founder of Bond Works, will work with you throughout the afternoon of the first day to build out your plan. The goal of the first day is to walk away with a solid business plan and the confidence to take the next steps.


12:30-1:30 pm: Networking Lunch and Learn

1:30-3:30 pm: Workshop with Brittnee Bond.

A walkthrough for completing your business plan and strategically prepare next steps to move forward successfully.

3:30-4:00 pm: Wrap up. Discuss what we learned to hear feedback on what everyone is walking away with from the day. This will set the stage for the remainder of the bootcamp.

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About the speaker:

Steve Spiro is the CEO and founder of Global Halotherapy Solutions, the largest salt therapy equipment supplier in the world. He was on the original startup team of, is an angel investor, and has decided to call Chiang Mai home. He’s enthusiastic about learning and supporting local entrepreneurship in Thailand.


9 am: Let’s Talk About It: Money

A discussion on money, how we feel about it as entrepreneurs and what we hope to improve on when it comes to money in business.

9:30-12:30 pm: Get Money to Build the Business of Your Dreams.

In-depth knowledge about how to raise funds and pitch successfully to investors.

Women entrepreneurs receive less than 3% of venture capital funding. How can this be changed? What other avenues besides venture capital funding are out there to raise startup money? Max Royale will discuss how to raise funds for your business and how to put together a successful pitch. This will be a talk, Q&A, and workshop to start putting together your pitch. You will get a chance to present your pitch in front of your peers at the end of the bootcamp.


Max Royale believes that with a little bit of knowledge and an understanding of the process, anyone can raise money. Max will walk you through his process, share tools, and let you in on the reasons why most companies fail to raise a cent. Max’s goal in this bootcamp is to help remove any roadblocks to accessing capital and send you on your way with the knowledge and confidence it takes to raise money and reach the next level for your business.

12:30-1:30 pm: Networking Lunch & Learn

1:30-3:30 pm: The Pitch. Build and shape your elevator pitch to start practicing it.

3:30-4:00 pm: Wrap up. Discuss what we learned to hear feedback on what everyone is walking away with from the day. This will set the stage for the remainder of the bootcamp.


About the speaker:

Max Royale has years of experience helping companies raise money. While working at Intersection Capital he worked directly with Founders to strategize and create a compelling story. Most recently in China, Max has raised money for numerous projects including Immortal Studios (a Chinese Language Movie Production Studio based in Beijing). 

Previously, Max held the Position Director of Corporate Development at Orb Media Group managing their fundraising efforts in the US and abroad. Max currency lives in Chiang Mai and DJ’s a weekly House Music party called Space Guild.


9 am: Discussion around online marketing.

Participants can share what experience they have and what questions come up around this subject.

9:30-12:30 pm: Keys to Online Marketing - How To Create A Sustainable Business Growth Engine in Digital World

We live in a world where technology influences our everyday choices and big data allows us to predict trends and develop on demand products. Traditional marketing campaigns are being replaced by data-driven, live experiments using AI & Chat Bots!

This workshop is designed to teach you how you how to use latest technology to rapidly grow your business online and what’s important for entrepreneurs to focus on in today’s digital economy.


12:30pm-1:30 pm: Networking Lunch & Learn

1:30pm-3:30 pm: Set up tools around online marketing and continue practice pitching.

3:30-4:00 pm: Wrap up. Discuss what we learned to hear feedback on what everyone is walking away with from the day. Participants are free to prepare whatever is needed for that night’s Pitching Event, Mentor Auction and Dance Party.


About the speaker:

In 2010, Daria Alexandrovna Taylor started her career as a blogger. In 2012, she set up online content platform which to date receives over 70k of monthly, global traffic. Such popularity inspired her to set up UK's first youth (millennial) marketing consultancy working with FTSE 500 companies in tackling the youth engagement questions.

In 2015, she decided to do something different and joined Incredibly (at the time social media agency) as a Managing Director & Co-Founder. She went on to design agency’s strategy and digital transformation service which worked with businesses from startups to global organizations in 5 different countries on building efficient, and creative, communications strategies. Since 2016, she's visited 20+ countries whilst working on developing remote agency model specializing in Facebook marketing and now she has clients in 9 different countries.


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