Hire and retain top talent, no matter their location.


What are the benefits?

  • Increased work productivity

  • Reduction in employee absences

  • Removal of low-barrier distractions

  • Less commuting hours equals more free time to work

  • Increased employee retention

  • Higher employee loyalty to company through increased morale

  • Able to hire the best talent, no matter their geographical location

  • Reduction in rent and office infrastructure costs

More than half (57%) of all workers say perks and benefits are among the top things they consider when deciding whether to accept a job, and almost 80% of employees say they would prefer new benefits.
— Business Insider

Why choose us?

  • Our team can help educate and transition the team about all facets of remote working: remote days, remote work opportunities and the idea of a more flexible schedule than what has traditionally occurred in the office.
  • We work with you to draft a clear telecommuting policy and set up remote programs for your employees in line with the best practices already being implemented by numerous companies around the world.


  • Countless studies have shown remote employees get more work done (and better quality work) when they have a team that trusts and allows them the flexibility to work in a way they are most effective.
  • Our team will ensure you can easily and clearly track employee performance and ROI by setting up appropriate metrics for managing remote work and work with your organization to create cultural goals and beliefs that will support employees to ensure successful remote work implementation.

What if the perfect fit for the position isn’t in your city? 

  • Our services include current staff management, retention and transition assistance as well recruitment support for remote employee / contractor hiring, as needed.

  • Our team will advise on the best IT and software solutions to allow for ease of communication; collaboration; performance tracking; videoconferencing for maximum efficiency and adaptability.

  • We will tailor our services to your team and organizational goals.

We work with you every step of the way in training, developing, and implementing a remote working process.