We want to change the culture around how we work and how we think about work.  


Our Story

Ever wonder why coworking spaces produce so much collaboration, creativity and better work product? So did we. We have a combined total of 10 years working in the corporate legal field across two continents, but we needed to see what was going on in this new industry. So, we started working with coworking and coliving spaces around the world, bringing what we'd learn from the corporate world to help their businesses.

It was amazing. People were getting more work done and were happier in these new flexible workspaces. Now, we want to help your business with what we've learned from them. We want to help your team incorporate a more dynamic and flexible approach to work; creating more fulfilled employees and productive outcomes.


About the founder

From founder, cofounder, manager, consultant, strategist and transition specialist, Brittnee Bond has experienced all facets of starting and managing businesses around the world and has successfully navigated the challenges so you don’t have to.  

What always pushed her to start her own business was not that she didn’t like her work in corporate law, but she didn’t like the way she worked under the traditional culture of 9-5 in an office setting. Whilst consulting businesses large and small, she sees this theme over and over again: people like their work, but they don’t like the way they work. Brittnee wants to help companies become more collaborative in their culture and more efficient in their systems.

Her free time is spent volunteering in sustainable impact projects with local NGOs in developing countries, and building out women entrepreneurship educational programs in the countries she travels through.